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Helping Ditur acquire new customers in Denmark through a targeted traffic campaign.

In-Feed Ads, TikTok Ads Manager

Ditur is Scandinavia’s largest webshop for wristwatches, and the only destination for those looking for stylish and affordable watches and accessories. To boost brand awareness and drive traffic to their Danish site, the brand partnered with Nordic Social in order to leverage TikTok for a targeted campaign across the country. 

Together with their social media agency, Nordic Social, Ditur worked with popular TikTok Creators to produce a series of In-Feed Ads that featured Ditur’s range of products alongside a unique discount code that was available to the TikTok community. With native-feel visuals and fast-paced editing, the ads appeared directly in users’ For You feeds, encouraging them to follow a link to the Ditur website to shop the collections.

The brand also utilised TikTok Ads Manager’s Automated Creative Optimisation (ACO) tool. ACO gives brands the power to harness smart optimisation, by serving various combinations of creative assets to your target audience automatically. The algorithm continually works to discover and serve the most optimal combinations that give the best advertising performance.

The Ditur In-Feed Ads performed incredibly well, resulting in an impressive cost per click of just 0.47DKK – all maintained within Ditur’s budget thanks to the effective control of TikTok Ads Manager. The campaign secured the brand an enviable 300% return on ad spend, as well as a great deal of targeted exposure amongst a key audience.   

Frederik Andersen, Paid Social Specialist at Ditur, said: “TikTok has shown great performance and immense value to our brand in terms of a positive ROI and the possibility to connect with a unique audience that is hard to reach on other platforms. With a native content strategy, we have seen really great results.”

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