Raising mass brand awareness for a supermarket chain’s ready meal offering in Spain.




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3.5M+Users Reached
130K+ Interactions
0.47%Click-Through Rate
The objective

DIA is a popular Spanish supermarket chain and Europe’s third largest food sector franchiser. It’s objective was to raise brand awareness, specifically for its ready meal range, with a new audience of young, digital natives. And TikTok was just the place to do it.

The solution

To achieve its mission – and test TikTok Ads Manager for the first time – DIA, in partnership with Contversion, ran a suite of In-Feed Auction Ads, across 13 different creatives, during two rounds of reach campaigns. 

In-Feed Ads run natively in the For You feed, amongst content users love and explore every day. They deliver a short, sharp punch of exposure whilst generating deep engagement. This is because the ads offer a subtle approach, strategically positioned in the feed to feel organic whilst driving a bucket load of reach. The ads then push users to an external landing page, like DIA’s website.

The creative was both interesting and eye-grabbing. It followed a narrative – a man staring at an apple core followed by multiple, tasty ready meal dishes created by DIA. Then animation of these dishes kept the narrative flowing, with a voiceover revealing a home delivery service on offer in under one hour. Not to mention the bright colours, quirky edit execution and delicious food. 

The results

The results delivered – and then some. Generating over 130,000 interactions, from comments to shares, the ads pulled in a massive reach of over 3.5 million unique users. And, whilst the ads garnered deep engagement figures, they also achieved an impressive click-through rate at 0.47%, smashing through benchmarks. Hungry? DIA’s got you covered.

A representative at Grupo DIA, said: “We always look for new supports and platforms that allow us to expand our customer base, both for our physical stores and for our e-commerce. To meet this objective, it is essential to position ourselves in the top of mind of new segments and potential consumers. TikTok has opened a way of communication to an audience that is difficult to reach through other media and with results above our expectations. The experience has been very positive and we are sure that we will continue to make the most of all the possibilities that this platform gives us.

A representative at CONTVERSION said: “The challenge posed by Grupo DIA was to reach the target audience in the most efficient and profitable way possible. To meet this objective, we needed to get new users, as well as retain current ones. At Contversion we have continuous innovation built into our DNA, which is why we propose to explore new platforms to reach users that are not found in the publishers with which we are familiar. TikTok is what we were looking for, a channel with rapid growth, with users who are not as active on other platforms and with less saturation of competition. In addition, it has allowed us to communicate differently with our target, throwing a very positive response from the users.'

Stats overview

3.5M+Users Reached
130K+ Interactions
0.47%Click-Through Rate

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