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Using TikTok’s brand new Lead Generation solution to drive newsletter subscriptions.

In-Feed Ads
60%Reduction in CPM
80%Reduction in CPL
1K+Newsletter Sign-ups

Dermanostic is an online, app-based dermatologist service based in Germany, connecting consumers with dermatologists in just 24-hours. It sought to use TikTok to strengthen its relationship with an existing follower base of 100,000, plus increase newsletter sign-ups in a cost-effective way.

Dermanostic used TikTok’s newest ad solution on the block – Lead Generation. The solution is designed to help businesses reach customers and drive conversion without ever having to leave the platform.

Taking shape as what appear to be a regular In-Feed Ad, sitting natively in the For You Feed, Lead Generation Ads also encourage the community to complete a short form to provide their information – the basic being pre-filled – so brands can identify and harness potential loyal customers without sending them off-platform.

Dermanostic used this format to drive newsletter sign-ups. The creative featured a Dermanostic consultant in a white lab coat giving the call-to-action, products in hand, to sign up to the newsletter for tips, tricks and news. By talking to the community directly, Dermanostic could generate that sense of authenticity and expert voice it needed to pull people in, whilst still reaching the right people with TikTok’s audience targeting. 

The campaign was a resounding success, improving metrics across the board compared to other channels. The Lead Generation Ads resulted in a 60% reduction in cost-per-thousand (CPM) and an even higher reduction in cost-per-lead (CPL) by 80%. Overall, the campaign drove over 1,000 new newsletter sign-ups, showing the power of keeping your audience in-platform and making things easy.

Dr. Alice Martin, Co-Founder, Dermatologist and Educational Creator, said: “The TikTok community is great! We love the feedback and questions we receive. Sometimes the short videos are just not enough time to give valuable insights, so we want to provide additional content in our educational newsletter. Lead Gen Ads are a great opportunity to create this connection with our community.

Annika Rentel, Marketing Associate at Dermanostic, said: “We wanted to encourage our existing followers and additional TikTok users to subscribe to our newsletter and thereby create an even stronger connection with our community. The Lead Gen Ads and instant forms on TikTok are an efficient and easy way to achieve this goal. We will certainly continue to use this format!

Stats overview

60%Reduction in CPM
80%Reduction in CPL
1K+Newsletter Sign-ups

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