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Driving huge awareness for a private liability insurance product through UGC and game-changing creativity.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
1.1B+Video Views
230K+Videos Created

Founded in 1950, CosmosDirekt is Germany’s largest direct insurance company. Its task was to drive awareness of its private liability insurance product with the TikTok community who potentially had never considered taking out such insurance. CosmosDirekt knew they would best get their message across with an innovative and authentic campaign that drove UGC. It’s the sort of objective that only the TikTok community could turn into a viral moment of fun.

To achieve its mission, CosmosDirekt created a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok’s most popular ad formats for driving awareness en masse. Influry, experts in TikTok and Influencer Marketing, and Leagas Delaney, the creative lead agency for CosmosDirekt, managed the creative concept, implementation and creator management for CosmosDirekt and together they created the #CosmicFail challenge, inviting the TikTok community to share their own fails, and have a good ol’ laugh in the process. An extremely clever way to show Gen Z in a playful way that in the event of a mishap, or rather a “FAIL,” that liability insurance isn’t such a bad thing to have.

CosmosDirekt bolstered the campaign with a series of TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads, both driving larger exposure to the challenge. The brand ran some of these ads using auction retargeting as well, allowing TikTok’s algorithm to hone in on the right target audience with razor-sharp precision. CosmosDirekt further partnered with 50 TikTok Creators to spread its message even further. 

The creative was a mixture of user-generated content and simple graphics. One video shows two young people dropping things, falling over and demonstrating fails in a comedic way. It offers some amusing inspiration for the TikTok community to follow. The graphical creative displays a simple call-to-action, animated over an elephant clumsily stumbling into a room and making an utter mess. Simple yet effective.

The campaign was a resounding success, delivering a hefty 1.1 billion video views and more than 20 million impressions on its additional ads. Over 230,000 video entries were created, flooding the feeds with CosmicFails, submitted by more than 80,000 individual creators. The retargeted ads received more 9.8 million video views alone and well over 57,000 clicks, all showing this campaign was a creative and effective way to pull the TikTok community in to what could have been a tough product to sell to a younger demographic.

"I thought it was great how people got involved - and to watch how people creatively bring a topic like insurance to life. From the point of view of awareness for our brand, a first great step with TikTok," said Jeromy Lohmann, CMO of CosmosDirekt.

"1 billion views speak for themselves. With the combination of 50 influencers, premium placements and efficient TikTok re-targeting ads, we were able to reach the target group as well as possible," said Levin Vostell, founder and CEO of Influry.

Stats overview

1.1B+Video Views
230K+Videos Created

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