Driving awareness and preference among Gen Z and Millennials in Germany while growing the brand’s profile on TikTok.




Branded Hashtag Challenge



81.7M+video views
20.25%CTR (TopView Lite)
58K+videos created
The objective

congstar is a German telecom supplier specializing in innovative, flexible tariffs for smart and discount shoppers. Launched as a small startup in 2007, now with over five million customers, congstar’s next objective was to reach new audiences of digital natives on TikTok, cultivating buzz, engagement and brand preference to grow the brand’s profile and facilitate organic communications in the future.

The solution

congstar’s claim is, “You want it. You get it.” – a perfect match for expressive young millennials and Gen Z consumers who value experiences over things, seek instant connections and are unafraid to show the world their personality. congstar brought this ethos to life on TikTok with an interactive Hashtag Challenge for prepaid congstar users in Germany.

The Hashtag Challenge format is designed to generate mass exposure and engagement, inviting users to create video content under a branded theme, then post it for likes, comments and shares. For the #dancefordata challenge, congstar invited its users to simply post a video of themselves dancing to a bespoke, immersive soundtrack and follow @congstar on TikTok for the chance to win 50GB of free data.

congstar supported its Hashtag Challenge with three different business solutions to aid discovery, included in the package; a TopView Lite, a Brand Banner on the Discover page and 10x creative variants of In-Feed Ads. All three formats sent users to a central Challenge page, creating huge reach and the potential to trend or go viral. congstar launched the Hashtag Challenge by teaming up with a number of popular German TikTok Creators to drive followers to the Challenge page. Their dances to a catchy bespoke sound clip – created in-house by TikTok – set the precedent for the type of user engagement congstar was looking for.

The results

The congstar Hashtag Challenge was a trending success, with over 24,000 participants generating over 81.7M video views and 9.8M interactions. More than 58,000 #dancefordata videos were created and the challenge page received 1.5M+ page views.

The TopView Lite generated an astonishing 20.25% CTR, showing that users were eager to find out more. congstar’s brand profile almost doubled its follower count in six days from 1,700 to 3,200, setting a strong base for further organic growth and audience engagement. A 50GB data pass? They wanted it. And they danced for it.

Stats overview

81.7M+video views
20.25%CTR (TopView Lite)
58K+videos created

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