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Driving awareness and consideration for Citroën’s fully electric and sustainable urban mobility vehicle.

Branded Hashtag Challenge, In-Feed Ads, Collection Ads, Spark Ads
13.4%+Ad Recall Lift
10.1%+Awareness Lift

Part of the historical French brand Citroën, Citroën AMI are a new, separate sub-brand that are full of character and looking to occupy a new space, with their sustainable proposition and distinct tone of voice. The brand came to TikTok as they felt it was the perfect destination to communicate with the community. 

Originally, the objective of this campaign was to boost awareness and stimulate engagement around the new Citroën AMI - a fully electric urban mobility vehicle which can be driven from 14 years old. However, the success of their #AMIfaEffetto Hashtag Challenge pushed the campaign to evolve, becoming an excellent full-funnel example that began by accelerating cultural awareness of and around the target, to ultimately, progressing towards consideration, intention, and traffic metrics. 

The campaign started with a Reach & Frequency buying method, paired with a One Day Max In-Feed Ad, to build excitement. The Branded Hashtag Challenge was then launched, which inspired users to get creative on platform by making use of effects, transitions and creative editing, to express what affects their everyday lives in the true spirit of the hashtag #AMIFaEffetto, which maximised exposure and coverage. 

During this phase, a Brand Lift Study was conducted, which allowed for a more informed strategy when structuring the subsequent phases, where the brand shifted its focus to testing solutions such as In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads

The months that followed used a combination of KPIs including reach, video views and traffic. The activation concluded by retargeting members of the community that showed interest in the campaign, as well as targeting the most engaged audiences, from the Hashtag Challenge, with Collection Ads

Notably, throughout the 4 month campaign, the majority of the creatives utilised were produced by Creators. Outstanding KPIs were achieved due to the natural and authentic pieces of content that featured Creators, which gave the campaign a totally native TikTok feel.

The overall campaign drove over 128 million impressions and exceeded multiple benchmarks. The One Day Max In-Feed Ad achieved an incredible uplift in 100% view-through rate of 167% when compared against benchmarks. While the click-through rate on the Collection Ads was 6.8x higher when compared against previous campaigns. The Hashtag Challenge saw over 37 million interactions from the TikTok community, with an engagement rate of 9.9%.

Most impressively, the Citroën campaign generated an increase of over 13.4% in ad recall and 10.1% in awareness. Greater consideration and brand awareness was certainly achieved for Citroën AMI, driven by the continuous engagement and interest from the community, making TikTok the ideal home for this campaign. 

Davide Nava, Communication Manager at Citroën Italia, said: "Citroen AMI was a pioneer for the brand within the TikTok world. Indeed, it turned out to be a winning approach to engage Gen Z. We laid the foundations to attract the young target audience by proposing the product in the most natural way. Passion and interest grew month by month based on the amazing results."

Stats overview

13.4%+Ad Recall Lift
10.1%+Awareness Lift

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