With a unique and catchy song that would resonate with the TikTok community, the Spanish ridesharing app achieved 11 million impressions. As a result, Cabify adopted an 'always on' approach, continuously managing ads through TikTok Ads Manager.




TikTok Ads Manager



The objective

The Cabify app connects users and companies to the form of transport that best suits their needs. To boost their brand image and reach a new audience, they came to TikTok to launch a fun campaign that positioned the app as the most adaptable, safe, and competitive option on the market.

The solution

Cabify created a core video with a catchy song that would resonate with the TikTok community. Based on the concept of “Seguro voy en Cabify,” or “Go safely with Cabify,” the brand’s campaign reinforced to users that Cabify offers the safest choice for mobility in the city. To complement the main video, two further snackable shorts showed various forms of use, such as traveling to the gym or heading to university.

To best reach their target audience, Cabify chose to deploy their campaign as In-Feed Auction Ads through TikTok Ads Manager. Appearing natively alongside user-generated content on the For You feed, these targeted ads offer one of the best opportunities on the platform to create strong brand awareness amongst a digital native audience. 

In addition to the fun and relatable visuals, Cabify’s unique and catchy song boosted engagement levels and helped to cement the message of their campaign.

The results

The Cabify In-Feed Ads gained more than 11 million impressions in the five weeks they were live, and generated over 10 million views – finding particularly strong engagement amongst the younger audiences notoriously difficult to reach through other social channels.  

As a result of the impressive performance of the ads, Cabify decided to adopt an ‘always on’ approach in Spain, choosing to continuously manage their ads through the TikTok Ads Manager into the future. 

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