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Helping men’s skincare brand Bulldog run an engaging awareness campaign aimed at young people across Germany.

In-Feed Ads
5-10%+Sales uplift
17.5%Ad Recall

Bulldog creates specially formulated skincare products for men. Founded in 2005 by Simon Duffy, they provide straightforward solutions to the specific grooming challenges faced by men – and every type of skin. 

Hoping to promote their brand and products to a fresh new audience, Bulldog came to TikTok for an awareness campaign that centred solely around native, authentic content. 

Bulldog chose to run its campaign using one of TikTok’s most effective ad formats – In-Feed Ads. 

Bulldog’s campaign screamed authenticity – leveraging popular TikTok Creators and their followings to promote their products in a seriously native way. The hashtag #IchRasiereDich, which translates as, ‘I shave you’, helped to add even more engagement to the campaign, and generated some hilarious videos featuring shaving makeovers, mishaps, and mistakes. 

The Bulldog campaign used In-Feed Ads perfectly – utilising TikTok Creators who delivered content native in their own style, Bulldog could reach their target audience in a totally authentic way. Generating an astonishing 29.8 million impressions throughout the three weeks it was live, the campaign also saw an enviable sales uplift of 5-10% for the brand – all at a cost per click of just 0.28€. The brand lift study revealed a 17.5% ad recall and 13.9% lift in brand awareness

Lukas Lehner, Marketing Manager at Bulldog said: "This campaign was a big step for us having to rely so heavily on TikTok Creators and their relationship with their followers. But we knew in order to achieve success and good results, we had to engage with TikTok and its native ways, and we managed to do just that with #IchRasiereDich."

Stats overview

5-10%+Sales uplift
17.5%Ad Recall

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