This makeup brand ran traffic and conversion ads that simply demonstrated the use of their products. This effortless creative earned 1.4 million impressions with a 0.94% click-through rate.




TikTok Ads Manager



The objective

BROWLY, a young company that was founded in Frankfurt in 2019,  used TikTok Ads Manager to increase website traffic and conversions. 

The solution

With TikTok Ads Manager, BROWLY ran traffic and conversion campaigns using various In-Feed Ads that demonstrated the use of their products in a simple way.

Targeted, scalable, and cost efficient, In-Feed Ads allow brands to place their videos within a user’s personalised For You feed so they appear natively alongside user-generated content. Sound-on and full screen, they can be accompanied by the brand name and a short description or call to action to click through.

These ads can be created on TikTok’s auction platform, and can be targeted by variables such as operating system, gender, age, network, location, device and interest, as well as more than 500 industrial category labels.  

The results

The campaign proved to be extremely successful generating over 1,463,155 impressions. It further increased the level of awareness for BROWLY with a click-through rate of 0.94%, 13,788 clicks and 10,380 likes, which proves that there was great interest in the campaign.

Amir Mirza, Co-Founder, BROWLY:

"TikTok gives us the opportunity to experiment with trends and showcase our products perfectly in a colorful and creative environment. BROWLY is innovative and easy to use for everyone at home, but with high quality professional standards. Especially in this trying time, when many can not keep their appointments in beauty salons because of the lockdown, we offer our customers a solution without having to spend a fortune. We thrive on building relationships and interacting with our customers online - in addition to organic content, our TikTok Ads are instrumental in further engaging the community. Having such flexibility and control over campaigns means we can really maximize their performance."

Stats overview

1.2M+Video Views

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