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Helping Benetton boost brand awareness amongst Gen Z with a fun and engaging Hashtag Challenge.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
10.1%Ad recall
344K+Video creations
505MVideo views

Benetton is a global fashion brand based in Ponzano Veneto, Italy. With a reputation for bold, quirky advertising and a youthful approach, Benetton knew that TikTok would be the perfect partner to help them reach a new Gen Z audience.

#BeUnited – the title of Benetton’s Branded Hashtag Challenge – had the aim of uniting different personalities, each with their own peculiarities, under the same dance. Set to an irresistible track and featuring an animated Branded Effect to prompt the different moves in the routine, this simple challenge went beyond a dance craze to create a unifying movement.

Working with popular Creators to amplify the campaign, Benetton also developed a series of In-Feed Ads to further boost the challenge’s profile. Each featuring different users performing the routine, the ads were displayed in TikTok users’ ‘For You’ page as they explored their personal feeds. 

Lasting for one week between 28 March – 4 April 2021, the Benetton #BeUnited Hashtag Challenge successfully enticed thousands of young people to engage with and share the campaign, resulting in an incredibly effective brand exercise that resonated perfectly with their target audience. 

More than 344,000 user videos were created during the campaign, with an astonishing 505 million Hashtag Challenge video views recorded. These highly impressive figures clearly show how impactful a Hashtag Challenge can be when the call to action is clear and its launch is supported by popular Creators. 

This Hashtag Challenge is an example of TikTok at its best – helping create mini movements and authentic experiences for our millions of users, at the same time as generating remarkable levels of targeted Gen Z and millennial exposure for brands and their target audiences.

Stats overview

10.1%Ad recall
344K+Video creations
505MVideo views

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