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Raising massive awareness for the launch of the new Powerbeats Pro colour extension line, with Gen Z globally.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
7.1B+Video Views
183M+TopView Impressions

One of the most recognisable names in the audio industry, Beats by Dr. Dre is known for creating some of the best wireless headphones in the business. In July 2020, Beats by Dr. Dre sought to raise mass brand awareness for its new Powerbeats Pro colour extension line with music lovers, globally.

Beats ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge – but this is a brand known for raising the bar and, so as usual, it levelled up by creating one of TikTok’s most ambitious campaigns to date. 

Collaborating with popular singer @ashnikko (1.6M fans on TikTok), it launched the #BeatsDaisyChallenge to lock in its position as a lifestyle and fashion leader in the audio space. Revolving around the drop of a new track called “Daisy,” Ashnikko offered fans the rare chance to star in her brand new music video. Playing out in four key markets across the world in sequence, each market themed to one of Beats four colours, users could show off their colourful creations with each of the new corresponding colour drops. All that was left to do was unleash the community’s fiercely creative vibe and set them loose on creating displays of unbelievable self-expression. 

The feed then lit up in a kaleidoscopic wall of colour, with blue in the UK/US, red in Russia, yellow in Germany and pink in France. And, in addition to starting with a collaborative follower base of over two million fans (between Beats and Ashnikko), Beats also partnered with some of the world’s most popular Creators to launch the campaign, generating 34 million video views alone.

The Branded Hashtag Challenge format is built to give all brands the chance of viral success. It centres around creative, user-generated content, housed on a central “challenge page,” and its hashtag appears in TikTok’s trending hashtag list. A range of supporting ads supercharge awareness, sending thousands more users to the challenge, with Beats running several TopViews (including in the Nordics) to support the campaign. Prepare for big numbers.

The campaign absolutely smashed benchmarks, exceeding all expectations and reaching new fans all over the world. In the four weeks it ran, the campaign notched 7.1 billion video views and more than 460 million engagements. In fact, the incentive to star in Ashnikko’s music video pulled in three times the amount of content expected using the hashtag and music track for submissions. The TopView ads raked in over 183 million impressions as well, showing that the community soaked up the challenge in their droves. Beats landed a new product in only a way Beats could – and the world listened.

Stats overview

7.1B+Video Views
183M+TopView Impressions

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