Barò Cosmetics

Italian skincare brand Barò Cosmetics drove 10,000 new leads and 1,000 sales by running In-Feed Ads in Italy.




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27%Lift in Lead Generation
10KNew Leads
1KNew Orders
The objective

Barò Cosmetics is an Italian producer of fine skincare and makeup products. With an approach rooted in science, Barò Cosmetics utilises the natural antioxidant properties of the organic grape seeds grown in its home region of Barolo. To help spread the word about its exciting products to young people across Italy, the brand knew TikTok was the only platform to turn to.

The solution

For Barò Cosmetics, reaching a large number of people in the most authentic way possible was important. To do this, Barò Cosmetics partnered with Cult ADV to create several native ads. TikTok’s In-Feed Ads offer the perfect platform for engaging with our community on a highly personal level. 

Exactly as they sound, In-Feed Ads allow brands to place their videos within a user’s personalised For You feed so they appear natively alongside user-generated content. Sound-on and full screen, they can be accompanied by the brand name and a short description or call to action. What’s more, these ads can be created on the TikTok Ads Manager platform, and can be targeted with multiple variables, such as operating system, gender, age, network, location, device and interest. 

Using genuine models and depicting a relatable beauty regime, the Barò Cosmetics ad showed a number of products in a short clip, complete with a modern and engaging soundtrack for a fully immersive experience. The video also offered a €50 coupon as a reward for a form submission, helping Barò Cosmetics acquire contact details for future customers.

The results

The Barò Cosmetics campaign performed extremely well. Securing a lead generation uplift of 27%, with over 8 million impressions and more than 48,000 clicks. Resulting in more than 10,000 new leads through the coupon offer, the campaign also yielded 1,000 new orders as a direct response to the ad. 

Stats overview

27%Lift in Lead Generation
10KNew Leads
1KNew Orders

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