A luxury fashion brand leading the way, using TikTok to drive awareness and reach new audiences.


UK, France, Italy


TopView, TopView Lite



23M+total impressions
25M+total video views
The objective

Known as one of the world’s most innovative luxury brands, Balenciaga’s influence on global style is unquestionable. It’s only natural, therefore, that the forward-thinking fashion house chose TikTok — a platform at the forefront of shareable, short-form video content — to help raise brand awareness with a new audience, as well as be the first high-end fashion brand on TikTok to use the TopView format.

The solution

Balenciaga launched a shoppable campaign on TikTok over the Christmas period in the UK and France using the highly engaging TopView format. The resulting numbers impressed the brand so much it went on to launch two TopView Lite videos — one for the UK market, to solidify its message, and another to extend reach across Italy.

TopView is not thumb-stopping, it’s show-stopping. Dominating the entire screen upon opening the app, it’s brand-safe — only your brand is present. Autoplaying upon launch with the sound on, the format grabs users’ attention immediately. This mass user engagement is amplified by the ability to link to internal or external landing pages.

Balenciaga used their video to drive viewers to its shopping pages. The creative showcased the brand’s latest products against a space background, blending its unique style with a clear brand message, compelling users to learn more. Balenciaga re-used the creative for its two TopView Lite videos. Displayed in a similar way to TopView, a TopView Lite launches upon opening of the app and plays five seconds of full-screen video, again leading to a landing page.

The results

All videos combined, the campaign drove 23M+ impressions across the UK, France and Italy. The average CTR from across markets was around 18%, and notably 20.56% in Italy. With a combined total of 25M+ video views, user engagement rates were far above average, showing that a new audience of TikTok users connected with Balenciaga on a personal level, and went on to explore its luxury fashion range, with over 4.5M clicks to the landing page.

Stats overview

23M+total impressions
25M+total video views

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