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Amassing widespread awareness and website traffic for Acer’s new Chromebook Spin 513.

In-Feed Ads, TikTok Ads Manager
0.94%Click-Through Rate

Acer is world-famous for creating innovative new technology products, from laptops to gaming desktop PCs. On TikTok, it aimed to raise awareness and boost traffic toward its new Chromebook Spin 513 laptop, in collaboration with Google and Boulanger, an official reseller website.

Acer used TikTok’s In-Feed Ads at auction to nail its objective. Capitalising on TikTok’s Ads Manager campaign objectives, it created a traffic-led campaign leading toward the Boulanger website for the launch of its Chromebook Spin 513.

In-Feed Ads are brilliant at combining mass awareness with deep engagement, because they sit natively in the For You feed to retain an organic presence but also benefit from TikTok’s precision audience targeting. Combined with objective-led optimisation, it means TikTok Ads Manager can show the ads to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

The creative was also a stroke of genius – with consumers describing it as, “the best ad I have seen on TikTok.” Acer collaborated with popular comedic Creator Youssoupha Diaby, famous for his popular and funny character creations. He describes the product through a comedic sketch, showing it on screen and its features.

The campaign was a massive success, driving over 15.2 million impressions, 408,000 likes and a whopping 9% six second view-through rate smashing benchmarks. It also delivered an impressive 0.94% click-through rate, showing that the community not only engaged and enjoyed the ad but also went on to discover more about the Chromebook Spin 513.

Marline Oliveira, Marketing Chromebooks Manager at Acer France, said: "This In-Feed campaign was a first for us at Acer and for our partners: Google and Boulanger. Given the craze around the platform and myself being a huge fan of the app, we wanted to launch our first test with a traffic-oriented campaign on the Boulanger website for the release of the new Chromebook Spin 513. For our first campaign, we made sure to create a video following the entertaining codes of TikTok so that it would make sense to the users. We collaborated with Youssoupha Diaby, famous for his funny and popular creations.The results were beyond our goals! The campaign performed very well in terms of qualitative results with a strong engagement rate, but also in terms of quantitative KPIs which were higher than our expectations. With this success in mind, our goal will be to carry on our growth and to involve TikTok in our social media strategy."

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0.94%Click-Through Rate

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