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New research from Kantar shows 'The Power of TikTok' for brands
Business Announcement28 September 2020

New research from Kantar shows 'The Power of TikTok' for brands

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

We recently partnered with Kantar to understand more about the impact of user-generated-content on the platform. The resulting report, 'The Power of TikTok', is based on interviews with 16 global experts, data analysis of 60 Branded Hashtag Challenges and demographic data on TikTok users from Kantar’s TGI Global Quickview survey of over 67,000 people in 25 countries. It provides us with a detailed look at the success that brands can have on the platform, particularly through using Branded Hashtag Challenges.

The report draws three conclusions about the platform: that it creates engagement on an enormous scale, that Hashtag Challenges naturally generate user-engagement and that advertising on TikTok requires brands to think differently when it comes to creating for the platform by collaborating with Creators for maximum impact. 

The report makes clear the scale of TikTok. Some of the campaigns examined as part of the report were more watched than major sporting or cultural events. This is size and scope of the TikTok community, Kantar’s research showing that over 67% of TikTok users are over 25.

Such a broad user base makes the platform right for any brand. Interviewed as part of the report, Peter Petermann, Chief Strategy Officer of media agency Wavemaker echoes this, saying TikTok is right for nearly any brand, and this is reflected by the breadth of brands on the platform, withBMW Motorsport, Pringles and Dettol all running successful campaigns on the platform.

The report makes clear that this engagement comes naturally to Hashtag Challenges on TikTok, and that simple challenges which invite everyone to take part drive real world behaviour, pushing people into stores and onto websites. River Island's #GlowingOut campaign found that 90% of the users who came to the River Island website from the campaign were new users.

This natural engagement is driven further by collaborating with TikTok Creators, the report found that the most successful Branded Hashtag Challenges involve brands giving Creators the creative license to make content that resonates with the community.  The #BeatsDaisyChallenge, by Beats, Ashnikko and a suite of TikTok Creators has been viewed 5.2 billion times and counting. 

Commenting on the report, Stuart Flint, Head of Global Business Solutions, TikTok Europe, said "We’ve seen enormous growth as a platform, having recently hit 100 million active users. This has driven interest from brands looking to tap into the natural joy and creativity of the platform. This report is a valuable tool for these brands, setting out how best to use the platform to drive engagement and change behaviour".

Also commenting on the report, Andrew Nelson, Social Media Insight Director at Kantar said: "There is no denying that TikTok is an important channel for brands looking to build engagement with new audiences. Our research shows that the unique combination of the platform’s natural creativity, diverse audience and always-on sound offers up a special recipe to help brands engage in completely new ways".

The full findings of the report can be downloaded here.  

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