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Christmas on TikTok
Thought Leadership16 November 2020

Christmas on TikTok

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

Every day, brands are jumping into TikTok, building brand love, making lasting connections, and achieving incredible marketing and business results. With the holiday season upon us, now more than ever, brands are looking to the platform to help reach new consumers and realise their marketing goals. In our 2020 Christmas shopping behaviour guide, we provide a roadmap to do just this. Combining in-depth third-party research with the latest platform insights and brand case studies, we show how to make the best use of TikTok this Christmas.

Although Christmas will be a little different this year, in this guide, you’ll discover how brands used TikTok to supercharge their holiday marketing strategies, as well as numerous other ways the platform can support your business during this Christmas.

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Read the full guide here.

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