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Maximising awareness and app downloads at scale, whilst driving low cost-per-acquisition.

Spark Ads
Education, Technology
5.1M+Video Views
34.4% Conversion Rate (Click-to-Install)

StudySmarter is a German study app helping millions of students get better grades in their exams. With its popularity increasing fast, StudySmarter aimed to diversify its marketing mix and drive app downloads at scale, at a lower cost.

Open to trying and optimising new ad formats, StudySmarter opted to run a Spark Ad, a new, native format that gives brands the power to bridge the gap between organic engagement and targeted awareness.

Spark Ads enable businesses to boost their own organic posts or the content of other Creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads placed in the For You feed among user generated content. Available as both auction ads (as was the case here) or reservation ads, Spark Ads possess multiple interactive features, such as the ability to click the “+” sign to follow the account directly or swipe left to visit the profile page, whilst a prominent call-to-action button takes users to an external landing page where they can learn more about the product. 

In this case, StudySmarter collaborated with @britnathy, a Creator representing StudySmarter’s target audience of young and eager students. She made an explainer video, true to her own style, and posted this organically – StudySmarter then ‘boosted’ her video to a wide audience, delivering a burst of app installs at scale.

The campaign hit the mark, delivering 5.1 million video views and a 34.4% conversion rate. The Spark Ad also delivered a cost-per-active user 44% lower than other channels, proving it can be extremely cost-effective too.

Max Groetsch, Paid Marketing Manager at StudySmarter, said: "Spark Ads have been a real game-changer for us! Especially working with TikTok Creators like @britnathy, unlocking the full potential of this unparalleled feature. We did not only save time for video creation but were also able to publish unique and highly-engaging content that is well suited for the platform. Besides over 3.8K+ organic downloads, which came directly from @britnathy´s posting, the ad helped us to generate a huge number of users at a significant lower cost compared to other campaigns and channels."

Aperçu des statistiques

5.1M+Video Views
34.4% Conversion Rate (Click-to-Install)

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