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Branded Hashtag Challenge
255M+Video Views
112K+UGC Entries
41KUnique Creators

Priding itself on continuous innovation, La Redoute is the only e-commerce brand to create, distribute and deliver a product line from France to the world. This self-proclaimed ‘lifestyle artisan’ is accustomed to delivering world-firsts. Its objective here was no different – to find new models from the TikTok community to be the faces of its new autumn/winter collection, whilst raising brand awareness: a platform first. 

How do you find the perfect new model, filled with authentic creativity, within a community of Gen Z? Run a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok. La Redoute wanted to find raw talent – but also break down barriers. Called #LaRedouteChallenge, all users had to do was share a creative, authentic and inspiring moment. The campaign made beauty irrelevant, stating that it didn’t matter, and that only one criteria had to be met: creativity. Just be yourself. This was the first ever casting on TikTok.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge reaches audiences en masse because of its organic, viral appeal. Bringing together hundreds of thousands of UGC posts on one central “challenge page,” its hashtag sits in TikTok’s trending hashtag list, making it highly discoverable. The page also contains a description and external link, and each Branded Hashtag Challenge comes in a bundle with additional ad formats to turbo-boost exposure: a TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ad.

La Redoute launched the campaign with four key Creators, giving access to a huge, established network of 6.5+ million combined followers. Set to bespoke music, the creative featured lots of outfit changes, choreographed routines and entertaining edits – all well known TikTok trends the community loves to engage with.

#LaRedouteChallenge made an impact – 112,000+ UGC videos drove more than 255 million video views, showing that the challenge sparked creativity and joy across the entire TikTok community. As it turned out, a huge volume of the community were inspired to show their personalities to become the new face of La Redoute’s Autumn/Winter collection. Sure-fire proof of the brand’s popularity among the audience.

Marie Guillemot, Brand Director at La Redoute, said: “The real success of La Redoute's first TikTok activation was that it demonstrated that in order to reinvent yourself, you need to challenge the brand to go where you least expect. To win over the new generation means we need to adapt to their rules.”

Aperçu des statistiques

255M+Video Views
112K+UGC Entries
41KUnique Creators

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