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Building mass exposure for the ASUS Vivobook S14 and its creation capabilities, with digital natives in France.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
226M+Video Views
82K+UGC Entries
23.83%Click-Through Rate

Driven by innovation, ASUS is a global computer tech company renowned for industry-leading motherboards and laptops. It strives to create a ‘joyful smart life for everyone’ – this giant is no stranger to the digital space. When it aimed to increase awareness of its Vivobook S14’s creative capabilities, it knew where to find just the right audience: the TikTok community.

Using one of TikTok’s most popular branded solutions for driving mass awareness, ASUS partnered with VICE Media to deliver a campaign revolving around a Branded Hashtag Challenge. The challenge was called #CreateWithASUS and invited users to copy or create their own dance moves based on catchy choreography and set to bespoke music made by the Vivobook S14. 

A Branded Hashtag Challenge holds mass appeal because it encourages users to show off their creativity in a truly viral moment, and it often leads to rich engagement. All UGC is housed on a central ‘challenge’ page, alongside a description and external link. The campaign’s hashtag is also highly visible in TikTok’s trending hashtag section. To turbocharge awareness, each Branded Hashtag Challenge comes with an additional pack of ads – a TopView (taking over the entire screen upon app opening) and One Day Max In-Feed Ad (guaranteeing a short, sharp burst of high exposure).

ASUS also collaborated with three established TikTok Creators to amplify the launch of the campaign, unleashing exposure to over 6M existing followers. The creative concept was based upon an existing TikTok trend that the community loves to take part in – dance and choreographing – giving huge reach and engagement. And it’s not hard to see why.

The campaign surpassed its benchmarks and then some, amassing 226M+ video views and 82K+ entries. In fact, the Branded Hashtag Challenge drove 11.1M+ interactions, showing that the community was highly engaged with the concept. The additional ads also performed extremely well, with the TopView receiving a 23.83% click-through rate, proving that the concept piqued the curiosity of digital natives. 

Léo Carli, Digital Marketing Manager, said: “This campaign was a first in France and a real test for us on this platform. We wanted to test the power of different media formats and the ability of a challenge to generate UGC. The results were there: a great visibility brought to our campaign and many videos created by the users. ASUS has successfully started to set up on this platform. The challenge will now be to capitalize on this first campaign to continue the development of our TikTok account.”

Was this campaign joyful? Absolutely.

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226M+Video Views
82K+UGC Entries
23.83%Click-Through Rate

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Branded Hashtag Challenge
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