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Helping NARS distribute samples of their 'Orgasm' blush to a female audience.

In-Feed Ads
10,000Samples ordered
26.5%Opt-in rate

Nars is an iconic beauty brand, already universally known for its audaciously named ‘Orgasm’ product range, showcasing a popular and ‘flattering for all’ blush shade.

Its mission on TikTok was to raise awareness and drive sales volume towards its ‘Orgasm Blush’ product, part of the NARS Orgasm product range. The brand also seeked to add new customers to its database, focussing attention on beauty-conscious women in the UK.

Nothing entices new customers like a sampling campaign. Working with SoPost to run sample distribution, NARS created an In-Feed Ad targeted at 18-34 year-old females to promote their ‘orgasm blush’ hero product giveaway – showing how the product looked on skin, the history of its creation with François Nars and providing all the details on how to order the sample. A call to action then drove users to SoPost where contact and delivery details could be collected. 

Just a few days after launching their campaign, interest was so high that the 10,000 samples sold out – forcing NARS to swap the focus of their ads from campaign promotion to product sales. 

The ads themselves appeared as In-Feed Ads in users’ For You feeds, and featured popular  beauty Creator @alxcext to give the campaign a real sense of authenticity. To round off the creative and deliver an immersive brand experience, an upbeat song provided the perfect soundtrack to the visuals.

Running for 12 days and generating huge amounts of positive sentiment, the NARS sampling campaign was a total success. 

A seriously impressive click through rate of 2.14% smashed the benchmarks, driving thousands of users to either the sample order page or the NARS website. The campaign also yielded thousands of new customers for the NARS database, with an amazing opt-in rate of 26.5%. 

Aimee Cunningham, Brand Manager at NARS, said: “It's been a pleasure working with TikTok and leveraging their range of ad solutions to engage our target audience. The results are enviable and this is undoubtedly the start of a long lasting professional relationship that will continue to drive reach and engagement for our brands.” 

Resumen de las estadísticas

10,000Samples ordered
26.5%Opt-in rate

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