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Partnering with makeup brand MAKE UP FOR EVER launch their new WATERTONE foundation to a young French audience.

Collection Ads, In-Feed Ads
-51% Decrease in CPA
94%Increase in CVR

Makeup brand MAKE UP FOR EVER has been creating professional-quality products since 1984. Renowned for its innovative approach, the brand came to TikTok for the launch of its latest foundation WATERTONE, and chose to partner with Creators to co-create impactful media content. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER chose to run its awareness campaign using one of TikTok’s most effective ad solutions – In-Feed Ads. Appearing full-screen and sound on for, these ads are loud, proud, and impossible to miss. 

The brand partnered with Labelium Agency to run their campaign in two stages – with awareness and conversions as their main objectives. Working with French Creators aligned with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s DNA to produce native-feel content, the brand boosted their videos to run as an In-Feed Ad. 

Then, in an effort to get their products out there and in front of new potential customers, MAKE UP FOR EVER deployed our latest eCommerce ad solution: Collection Ads. Displaying product tiles over ads and allowing users to click through to an Instant Gallery Page, Collection Ads give brands the ability to curate shoppable content for the TikTok community – without ever asking users to leave the app. 

The MAKE UP FOR EVER campaign generated more than 11 million impressions and 10 million video views for the brand across France. And thanks to their adoption of our latest ad format, Collection Ads, the campaign secured the brand a 94% increase in conversion rate and a 51% decrease in cost-per-action, in comparison to benchmarks.

Morgane Gourvennec, Social Media Manager at MAKE UP FOR EVER, said: “This TikTok campaign played a key part in our Digital Media plan for the launch of WATERTONE, and helped us successfully raise product awareness among new audiences. Using Creator assets positively boosted its performance. This is a best practice we will keep for our upcoming campaigns.”

Resumen de las estadísticas

-51% Decrease in CPA
94%Increase in CVR

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