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Generating awareness for KFC’s brand new menu item in the UK.

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+99.5%Verified Brand Safe Impressions

KFC, the fried chicken giant, has long been an advocate for moving the needle fast with ads on TikTok. This time, its objective was clear: to raise awareness for its new limited edition menu item, the Spicy Zinger Popcorn, while monitoring brand suitability through-out the campaign.

KFC is no stranger to running In-Feed Ads on TikTok. For this campaign, the brand used TikTok’s Reach & Frequency buying method to run a mouth-watering In-Feed Ad showcasing the Zinger Popcorn Bucket in all its glory, with text overlay and engaging sound. Reach & Frequency allows brands to book their campaigns in advance with predictable, optimised reach while controlling the number of times a user gets exposed to an ad. Once a brand inputs its parameters, TikTok is able to predict the number of users a brand will reach, guaranteeing a fixed CPM and reliable campaign success.

Further, to verify brand safety and suitability, KFC used TikTok's Inventory Filter Solution - a proprietary solution which allows advertisers to gain more control over where their ads run. This enabled KFC to ensure that their In-Feed Ad ran adjacent to verified brand safe content. The TikTok Inventory Filter encompasses both our TikTok Community Guidelines and GARM's Brand Safety Floor & Suitability Framework, providing advertisers with additional controls over where an ad is placed. All of this created flexible brand safety controls for KFC, and ensured that their brand was aligned with suitable and relevant content.

KFC’s campaign was a huge success in hitting all of its objectives, achieving over 17.8 million impressions but most importantly, delivering a 99.5% verified safe delivery rate. 

Magdalena Legosz, Performance Lead at KFC, said: "Brand safety plays an enormous role at KFC in terms of digital advertising. Therefore, it’s been great to see all the progress that TikTok have made to ensure that brand safety is a top priority for them and for brands a safe and trustworthy platform to advertise on."

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+99.5%Verified Brand Safe Impressions

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