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Generating mass brand awareness for Idahoan’s product range in the UK.

In-Feed Ads, TikTok Ads Manager, Spark Ads
Consumer Package Goods (CPG)
1.32%Avg CTR
0.18cAvg CPC

Using the best potatoes from the USA, Idahoan carefully and slowly remove the water from top quality russet potatoes, ensuring their farm-fresh, lump-free mash retains all the goodness and is just a minute away. Available in their Perfect Mash Sachets and Perfect Mash Pots, the brand came to TikTok to generate mass awareness around their product range while driving traffic to their website.

In partnership with Nudge PR, a UK-based agency, Idahoan generated a brand awareness strategy that combined traffic and reach objectives using both Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads that were set up using TikTok Ads Manager. 

The creatives were eye-grabbing and engaging, focusing on Idahoan’s Perfect Mash products, and how to use them in different recipes, such as pairing them with chicken tenders, fish fingers or sausages. The creative felt completely native to the platform, cleverly utilising transitions to show off the ads in a simple yet effective way. 

The Idahoan campaign was a big success, generating over 2.1 million impressions. The ads achieved an average click-through-rate of 1.32%, at a cost-per-click of only 0.18c, proving that the TikTok community were intrigued by the delicious Idahoan ads and wanted to find out more about what the brand had to offer.

Resumen de las estadísticas

1.32%Avg CTR
0.18cAvg CPC

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