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How the pizza brand increased its brand awareness with a musical campaign.

In-Feed Ads, TopView, Spark Ads
Food & Beverages
21.3%Ad Recall
10.68%Engagement Rate
25.54%6 sec View Rate

Gustavo Gusto produces frozen pizzas that taste nothing like frozen pizzas. Instead, they’re just as delicious as your favourite Italian on the corner. To create brand awareness across Germany, they came to TikTok for a joyful ad campaign that would spread the word about their authentic stone baked pizzas and spark users’ creativity.

Music and sound are the universal language of TikTok. Knowing this, Gustavo Gusto designed a TikTok-style campaign and produced entertaining pop parodies that go straight to the ear. Packed with personality and seriously catchy backing tracks, the content showed the brand’s fun-loving personality while promoting their products in an authentic, native-feel way. 

To achieve the highest possible reach, Gustavo Gusto combined In-Feed Ads and TopView 50% and worked with creators whose organic videos they placed as Spark Ads on users' "For You" pages. 

Gustavo Gusto’s campaign perfectly matched TikTok's musical DNA and effectively promoted the brand across Germany, thanks in large part to the native-feel of its content and their partnership with relevant popular creators. The combination of TopView, In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads helped drive engagement to an impressive rate of 10.68% and a click-through rate of an above-average 9.47%. It also managed to achieve an incredible averade 6 sec view rate of 25.54%.

Tom Nollau, Director Content & Media, Gustavo Gusto:

"TikTok delivered exactly what we had hoped for: great creator content that put our campaign in a whole new light, lots of interaction with a vibrant community, and of course lots of impressions in a very exciting target group. Grazie!" 

And the TikTok Brand Lift Study confirms the campaign’s impact. With an advertising recall of 21.3% and 9.6% awareness, Gustavo Gusto clearly understands how marketing works on TikTok. Not surprisingly, it has now also won a Golden Effie Award and the Grand Effie Germany 2021.

Resumen de las estadísticas

21.3%Ad Recall
10.68%Engagement Rate
25.54%6 sec View Rate

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