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How BMW was the first mover to use extended video length for episodic storytelling, increasing brand awareness on TikTok.

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The German luxury car manufacturer BMW makes a habit of being at the forefront of innovation and their #CircularAngles campaign was no different. Its objective was to bring BMW’s activations at IAA Mobility, the world’s biggest automotive mobility exhibition to life on TikTok; while simultaneously generating awareness for BMW’s brand vision around circular economy and increasing reach for their newly launched TikTok account.   

Under the hashtag #ReimagineToday BMW used a suite of three One Day Max In-Feed Ads to achieve its mission – but in an innovative way that was a first for TikTok. In partnership with TikTok Creative Lab, the brand developed the first ever branded content series told over the course of three ‘episodes’ and brought to life by popular creator @Dannero, who not only acted as the main character but also as the director of the series.

While ensuring each video felt more like entertaining content than an ad, the #CircularAngles campaign connected all of BMW’s IAA Mobility activations in one looping storyline by using innovative TikTok Creative Tools such as the storytime feature and video length extension. 

Publishing the story in three consecutive One Day Max In-Feed Ads was ideal, as it meant BMW was positioned among the first posts a user sees and BMW owned that ad slot for 24 hours with guaranteed impressions. The format achieves an organic feel, often leading to high engagement, whilst still allowing brands to supercharge exposure with paid spend.

Using innovative storytelling and special Creator involvement, BMW's #CircularAngles campaign was not only a creative first, but also a massive success in terms of its marketing objectives. Achieving over 42 million impressions, BMW generated an impressive reach. Their high quality content and great community management also paid-off in terms of engagement: The community praised the videos in the comments, more than 390,000 users left a like and around 36,000 users became new followers.

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36K+New Followers

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