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Promoting leading German home improvement brand BAUHAUS through a fun and easy-to-follow Hashtag Challenge.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
2B+Video Views
640K+Video Creations

The German home improvement company BAUHAUS gives people around Europe the power to transform their homes into feel-good spaces. So when it came to promoting their brand across Germany, BAUHAUS came to TikTok for an inspiring and feel-good campaign.

BAUHAUS came to TikTok with one goal: create as much awareness as possible. And when it comes to building awareness, nothing comes close to the exposure provided by a Hashtag Challenge. 

Titled “FühlDichZuhause”, which translates as “Feel at home”, BAUHAUS ran a challenge focused on what they know best – people’s homes. Playing on a TikTok trend of ‘before and after’ videos, BAUHAUS called on users across Germany to show off how they transform their homes into feel-good spaces. 

To support the campaign and encourage as many people as possible to join in, BAUHAUS also chose to run one of our latest solutions alongside the challenge – Spark Ads. Taking the form of two In-Feed Ads, the Spark Ad allowed BAUHAUS to boost user-generated videos as In-Feed Ads directly in users ‘For You’ feeds, raising further awareness while holding on to the deep engagement and authenticity that only organic posts can offer. 

The BAUHAUS Hashtag Challenge generated an astonishing response from the German TikTok community – as well as some truly eye-watering results. 

More than 2 billion video views were recorded across the campaign from more than 600,000 video creations – all produced by an incredible 180,000 Creators. And in terms of engagement, BAUHAUS took their official account from zero followers to more than 33,000, creating a strong foundation for future campaigns. 

The high number of video views, clicks, likes, shares, comments, and video creations during the campaign clearly shows the community’s interest in BAUHAUS and its easy-to-follow challenge, and the power of a platform dedicated to creating – and sharing – moments of joy.

Resumen de las estadísticas

2B+Video Views
640K+Video Creations

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