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TikTok launches new knowledge hub to support SMB growth across Europe
Geschäftsankündigung25 November 2020

TikTok launches new knowledge hub to support SMB growth across Europe

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the TikTok SMB Hub - a new platform which provides simple, cost-effective advice to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) attract new customers and retain existing ones in their key markets. Available today in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

We know that times are tough for Europe’s SMBs, and this year many businesses have had to say goodbye to the traditional window displays and festive markets. At TikTok, we believe that SMBs play a critical role in building and growing communities. They need to be heard by customers, but without the ad departments or budgets of larger companies, every penny or Euro of spend counts. That’s why I'm delighted that our new SMB Knowledge Hub can support and empower SMBs to get discovered and connect with target audiences in an affordable but meaningful way.

Here at TikTok we are absolutely committed to helping SMBs quickly, and accurately, capture the attention of potential customers. TikTok is home to a vibrant and engaged global community, and with 100m monthly active users in Europe covering all major consumer demographics, we continue to see tremendous growth across every age group, which makes it the perfect platform for SMBs to reach customers. 

The TikTok SMB Hub consists of a whole host of products, guidance and tools, which are at the disposal of business owners' fingertips. It has been specifically designed to enable businesses of all sizes to start activating on the platform at scale. 

TikTok is also a brilliant place for SMBs to tap into, and build relationships with, a huge community of engaged and like-minded businesses. Brands can leverage hashtags such as #smallbusinesscheck (2.8BN views) and #smallbusinessowner (875M views) to share their unique business story and journey with others to build a community and ecosystem of support.

Go full TikTok this holiday season!

This holiday season, people will come to TikTok to discover new products and be inspired to purchase them. Whether you're selling dog collars, candles, clothing, art, hosting virtual cookery lessons or mindfulness coaching, there's an audience for you on TikTok!

One of the key ways we can help SMBs is through the TikTok Ads Manager, our powerful self-service advertising platform, which makes it easy for everyone to create and manage their own TikTok campaigns. It is designed to enable businesses of all sizes to get started on the platform, where SMBs can join brands just like theirs and literally set up to start selling in minutes. If you get started on TikTok Ads Manager before December 15th, we'll even match your spend* – a gift from TikTok to you. Now you can go twice as big this season!

The Ad Group guide, which you can find on the SMB Hub,  shows you exactly how to define your target audience, budget, schedule, bidding method and delivery type. While the TikTok Pixel is a powerful measurement tool that tracks your TikTok ads' impact on your website. This clever bit of code enables you to monitor sales, user activity, and find the right audience for your ads.

Our full-screen, sound-on experience provides content which is joyful, relevant, relatable and authentic. For SMBs, it's an opportunity to give real insight about what you are building, creating and selling - in ways that aren’t offered by any other platform. 

Want to see this in action?

At TikTok, we have teamed up with 4 amazing businesses from across Europe, to show exactly how easy it is to ‘Go Full TikTok’ this holiday season.  Starting on the 25th November, and running until the end of January, a TikTok ad campaign will run in the UK, France, Italy and Spain and feature:

Coconut Lane 

Coconut Lane is a small business based in the UK, producing phone and laptop cases. With pop culture and social media at the heart of their brand, their products reflect designs which merge modern day fun into classy products that you'll love. 

Phoebe Parker, Marketing Manager, Coconut Lane

“At Coconut Lane, we are all about self love and girl power. With this ethos at the heart of all our products, we aim to inspire and motivate - helping #girlbosses be the best version of themselves. Working with a platform like TikTok, we are so excited about experimenting with creatives and trends to really carry this ethos throughout all our advertising campaigns too. 

We have always loved building relationships and connecting with our customers online. Our TikTok ads will be key in growing our audience engagement even further in the coming months. Having such flexibility and control over the campaign, will mean we can really maximise our performance and spend.”

Omolola Jewellery 

Started in 2018, Omolola Jewellery is a UK-based jewellery brand that creates modern afro-centric jewellery, inspired by Yoruba and other west-African art and architecture. A company created by siblings, this brand was born by the desire to pay homage to West African cultures, create connections with home and share a heritage with the diaspora.

Taiwo Adegbulu, co-founder and co-CEO of Omolola Jewellery:

“Omolola Jewellery was started as a way to pay homage to our West African culture and artistry. My sister and I founded the company as both a creative outlet as well as a form of self-care, as we both love making jewellery. We have always been close but now we’re even closer.

When it comes to advertising, the ability to specifically target the people who connect and value West African artistry and culture is what really matters most. Whilst we previously have relied on offline marketing for our pop-ups and concessions in stores, we have much preferred creating adverts online, as we have experienced a new level of engagement with our customers. Plus, it has been so fun to create the content! We love being able to inform people of our products whilst making them laugh too. That’s why TikTok is perfect because it allows creatives to have fun.

Recently, we spotted how one of our followers shared our campaign on TikTok, and we instantly could trace the positive impact this had on our sales.”

Freshly Cosmetics

Created by three young chemical engineers' passion for natural cosmetics, Freshly Cosmetics is a business based in Spain, whose aim is to revolutionise the cosmetics industry. The company thrives on the ability to create healthy, sustainable and natural products which bring out the best in people.

Maria Lavin, Digital Advertising Manager at Freshly Cosmetics:

“Freshly Cosmetics mission is to revolutionise the industry by creating innovative and healthy natural cosmetics which put people and the planet first. We are big believers in the need for everyone to use the most natural, healthy and sustainable products. 

What we love about TikTok is that it enables us to create advertising campaigns which will encapsulate this focus. The level of visibility you can get through TikTok ads will be key in helping us reach new audiences we previously haven’t been able to target. We’re excited to see how many of these views will turn into repeat future customers.”


Started in a small Italian village, MyFamily is a business which creates animal tags and accessories. Over the past few years, the business has seen rapid growth, offering a whole range of unique and bespoke ID tags, across the globe.

Alessandro Borgese, CEO, MyFamily:

“It was 2010 when in Valenza, Piedmont, a land of great goldsmith tradition in Northern Italy, a new idea was born: transforming pet tags into real design with creative flair. MyFamily has grown around this intuition into a company capable of launching on the market hundreds of medals never seen before, customizable, hand-enamelled and curated in every detail, but also collars and leashes with an exclusive design.

Thanks to the quality of our products and our strategy, today we are in over 80 countries, with 9.000 retailers and over 20,000,000 consumers. The strength of digital, in which MyFamily has always believed, has been fundamental to sustain this growth and the visibility of our brand among our target of “pet parents” aged between 25 and 50 years.

This is one of the key reasons we have partnered with TikTok. Being able to integrate our offering alongside the latest trends, has allowed us to expand our presence on TikTok. Not only is this a social network for young people, but this is a creative platform that means we can reach new audiences and demographics of all ages.”

Committed to helping SMBs thrive
The TikTok SMB Hub comes as part of a bigger SMB campaign from TikTok. With SMBs facing a particularly tough time right now, we are committed to helping ensure SMBs remain the backbone of our global economy.

*Spend match up to €1800/£1600