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Raising huge brand awareness and engagement for the 100th anniversary of France’s popular cheese brand.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
Consumer Package Goods (CPG)
1B+Video Views
231K+Video Creations
12.5%Engagement Rate

Made in France but world-renowned and loved, you probably know The Laughing Cow® for it’s triangle-shaped spreadable cheese. 

For its 100th anniversary, The Laughing Cow® wanted to give a special meaning to laughs by donating them to those who need it the most: in France, it came to life with a partnership with Le Rire Médecin, a charity which brings professional clown actors to children's hospitals. Our challenge for this campaign? Showing that after 100 years, The Laughing Cow® is still as modern, relevant, and committed to all families. TikTok appeared to be the ideal platform to reaffirm this connection in people’s daily life and especially with younger generations. 

The Laughing Cow®, together with Spark Foundry and Providence, ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok’s best ad formats for headline-grabbing reach. It created the #1Rire1Don challenge (#LaughToDonate), asking users to fill the gauge with their laughter. Once filled and shared, a donation was made to the charity Le Rire Médecin. This was integrated into a 360 marketing strategy on several touch-points including packing, in-store activations, mass media and a digital campaign.

Branded Hashtag Challenges are built to give all brands the chance of viral success. They centre around creative, user-generated content, housed on a central challenge page, with the hashtag appearing in TikTok’s trending hashtag list. In the case of The Laughing Cow®, it was the first brand in Europe to use their logo in the Hashtag Challenge title. 

Additional ads were included in the package to boost exposure and send users to the challenge, including a TopView and two One Day Max In-Feed Ads.

It also collaborated with six popular French TikTok Creators to launch the campaign’s official videos, giving it an immediate awareness hit from their combined, existing fanbases. The creative was really fun, using a 2D Branded Effect to display a gauge that filled up the more you laughed.

The campaign was a resounding success, delivering over one billion video views and 231,000 video creations. The TikTok community had no problem taking part, as indicated by the challenge’s 12.5% engagement. The community loved it. With over 55,000,000 individual engagements, the laughter and the good vibes, as well as the donations, really did take over the feed.

Astrid Gay, Social Media Manager, from The Laughing Cow® France said “For the first time on TikTok, The Laughing Cow® created a Branded Effect Challenge that not only generated a massive reach but also some impressive engagement from our Gen Z audience: we were so happy to see how many people created their video to take part in our birthday celebration and support our charity operation with Le Rire Medecin! Seeing so many people laugh was definitely heartwarming, especially in the circumstances we're in.”

A representative from Spark Foundry said: “Our mission is to explore and test new platforms and engaging formats to help our clients meet their challenges and goals. We are proud, together with The Laughing Cow® for its 100th anniversary, to have exceeded initial TikTok standards in terms of KPIs and could support a great cause. This success is also due to our engaged leadership in organising a 100% integrated cooperative model with all concerned agencies and partners.”

Statistischer Überblick

1B+Video Views
231K+Video Creations
12.5%Engagement Rate

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