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Generating huge brand awareness and engagement for Stella McCartney’s Summer 2021 collection in the UK and US.

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8K+New Followers

Stella McCartney OBE is an English fashion designer and her sustainable fashion house is perhaps one of the best well-known around the world. The brand came to TikTok to generate mass brand awareness and deep engagement for its new Summer 2021 collection in the UK and US. 

With headline-grabbing collaborations with companies like Adidas under its belt, Stella McCartney is no stranger to making waves. For this campaign, the fashion house used TikTok’s ever popular In-Feed Ads to hit its objective. 

In-Feed Ads are masters of disguise, sitting natively in the For You feed and blending in with content a user sees day in, day out. It means the ads can generate huge engagement, whilst retaining TikTok’s precision audience targeting too. The ads also include an external link, which takes users off to a website or profile to continue their journey.

Stella McCartney paired this format with a smart creative concept, based on an already existing TikTok trend: ‘Tell me it's summer, without telling me it’s summer’. It also collaborated with popular Creators to front the creative too, which showed classic summer activities like eating a melting ice cream, squeezing limes and wearing sunglasses – all whilst dressed in the Stella McCartney Summer 2021 collection, of course.

The campaign delivered big results, pulling in over 3 million impressions and over 20,000 clicks. It shows the community was definitely intrigued by the ads and went on to find out more. Further proof? Over 8,000 people became new followers of Stella McCartney on TikTok, leading to a better organic presence on the platform. This fashion house struck a pose, and the community noticed.

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8K+New Followers

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