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In-Feed Ads, TopView
16.47%Click-Through Rate
17.37%Engagement Rate

PostFinance, a subsidiary of the Swiss Postal Service, is one of the most established banks in Switzerland, steeped in tradition – and in a country known for looking after wealth, that’s saying something. When PostFinance needed to reach a new, younger audience to drive awareness for its youth bank accounts, it turned to TikTok and became a lighthouse case for financial services in Switzerland, proving that even banks can be on trend.

PostFinance ran two types of ads – a TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ad – to reach its objective at lightning speed. The idea was simple: encourage young people to open a youth bank account and, in return, they’d receive 50 Swiss Francs. 

The TopView format is one of TikTok’s most popular because it completely dominates the screen upon app-opening. This is total, uninterrupted brand real estate in the palm of someone’s hand. Autoplaying with the sound on, it produces a moment of widespread exposure and then pushes users to an external link. A One Day Max In-Feed Ad, on the other hand, provides a more subtle approach. Whilst still providing huge reach, it focuses on engagement, sitting natively in the For You feed to retain an organic feel and allow brands to nestle among a user’s favourite content.

The ad creative was engaging and attention-grabbing, with clever editing and a punchy soundtrack. A Swiss Franc note can be seen waving and then transforming into different objects you could use the money to buy. This is a bank that knows how to talk to its audience.

The campaign was a resounding success, driving over 6.3 million impressions across both ad formats. The TopView drove a whopping 16.47% click-through rate, showing that young digital natives across the land connected with the idea and went on to find out more about youth bank accounts. It also generated an impressive 17.37% engagement rate, as the community liked and commented on the creative in hundreds and thousands.

Statistischer Überblick

16.47%Click-Through Rate
17.37%Engagement Rate

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