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Generating mass awareness and new fans to join the food waste revolution in Germany.

In-Feed Ads, TikTok Ads Manager
Consumer Package Goods (CPG)
66%Increase ROAS
0.58%Conversion Rate
2.6%Click-Through Rate

Motatos is on a mission to rethink food waste and sustainable eating, by taking products waiting to be saved and giving them a second chance at an affordable price for hungry consumers. On TikTok, Motatos mission was to raise awareness for its cause and reach a new, young audience in Germany who would join their quest.

Motatos used In-Feed Ads to create widespread awareness, without sacrificing authenticity. Appearing in the For You feed, the ads retain an organic feel but with the backing of TikTok’s precision audience targeting. Each ad includes an external link to send users onward in their journey to find out more. 

Motatos used TikTok’s Developer Mode Pixel to track conversions (complete payments), from their campaign. Developer Mode is an implementation method for the TikTok Pixel that provides flexibility to create custom event rules and enrich conversion data with parameters like revenue so that ROAS can be tracked. Motatos also utilised TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimisation tool (ACO) to create and discover the most effective version of the ad, with different combinations of asset and copy.

The creative was authentic, revolving around a simple piece to camera that explained what the service was and showed a Motatos box. It made it clear and easy to digest, as well as including a visual way to discover all the products you can purchase with Motatos.

The results delivered, increasing ROAS by 66% and driving an impressive 2.6% click-through rate. It shows that the TikTok community was interested and went on to find out more. Overall, the campaign served up an efficient 0.58% conversion rate too, showing the efficiencies of using TikTok’s new ACO and objective-based tools in auction ads. Nothing went to waste here.

Statistischer Überblick

66%Increase ROAS
0.58%Conversion Rate
2.6%Click-Through Rate

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