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Announcing (and growing orders for) KFC’s triumphant comeback to delivery in the UK, after closing stores for COVID-19.

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10.54%Engagement Rate

Rest easy – the world’s favourite fried chicken is back for delivery and ready to satisfy your cravings. This was the message KFC sought to land with millions of hungry users on TikTok, to celebrate its return to feeding the nation via delivery and grow its online orders.

After responding to COVID-19 by closing all of its stores, KFC was inundated by loyal fans who missed their favourite fried chicken. Its comeback would be a big deal (and crucial to replacing its missing footfall).

It used a Brand Premium In-Feed Ad on TikTok to re-launch its delivery service in a two-week burst of high exposure, targeted at UK-based fans, 18 and over. The ad runs natively in the ‘For You’ feed, strategically positioned to feel organic and make a brand part of the conversation. With the Brand Premium package, the ad was also displayed very early on and next to the most premium content in the feed, making an ad entirely brand safe.

KFC is renowned for producing impactful creative. Here, it used fan-created memes of home-cooked KFC, set to Celine Dion’s ‘All by myself’, to set the mood – followed by mouth-watering shots of a KFC bucket. The bold statement, “we’ll take it from here,” then playfully punches in over the top, before taking users to a Deliveroo landing page for orders. And hungry fans happily obliged, piling in with a 1.87% click-through rate to the page.

The results far exceeded benchmarks. Amassing 3.4M+ impressions, 1.8M video views and 64K clicks, the campaign built huge market penetration, and the TikTok community clearly celebrated KFC’s comeback. It also generated an astonishing 10.54% engagement rate, showing that fans had eagerly anticipated this moment, and then a 1.87% click-through rate to the Deliveroo page – those fans then converted to sales. What a way to make a comeback.

Statistischer Überblick

10.54%Engagement Rate

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